Janus Henderson makes raft of changes to fund range post merger

Changes to fund names and objectives

Janus Henderson will make a number of changes to its funds as part of continued integration plans following the completion of the merger of Janus Capital and Henderson Global Investors.

In a letter to investors and advisers, the group said it will be renaming all of its funds from Henderson to Janus Henderson from 15 December. For example, the Henderson All Stocks Credit fund will be renamed the Janus Henderson All Stocks Credit fund.

Similarly, all Henderson fund umbrella structures will also become Janus Henderson.

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New investment objectives

Meanwhile, some funds will also see revisions to their investment objectives and policies.

On 15 December, the £505m Henderson Global Growth fund will be renamed the Janus Henderson Global Equity fund and its investment objective and policy will change to “better reflect the investment process”.

The firm said the term “growth” implied the fund seeks to invest in a wide spectrum of growth opportunities, including companies only offering rapid short-term, yet unsustainable growth.

It added: “By contrast, the fund’s investment process seeks to identify high quality companies with strong competitive advantages and a focus on sustainable long-term growth rates. The name change from ‘growth’ to ‘equity’ therefore clarifies this strategy.”

The fund’s new objective is “to achieve above average long-term capital growth. The fund will invest principally in a concentrated portfolio of global securities with a bias to those companies that have developed strong franchises and competitive advantages.

“These companies will typically operate in markets that the investment manager believes will offer sustainably high levels of growth.”

The fund is currently managed by Ian Warmerdam and Ronan Kelleher.

Changes to Global Care range

Meanwhile, Henderson’s Global Care funds will be renamed the Janus Henderson Sustainable or Responsible funds, with the individual funds renamed and their objectives altered for greater clarity. These changes will also take place on 15 December.

The Henderson Global Care Growth fund will be renamed the Janus Henderson Global Sustainable Equity fund, the Henderson Global Care UK Income fund will become the Janus Henderson Responsible Income fund, and the Henderson Institutional Global Care Manager fund will turn into the Janus Henderson Institutional Global Responsible Managed fund.

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The group said: “We feel the ‘Global Care’ naming convention is no longer helpful to understanding how the funds invest, and could even be confusing to investors.

“The new umbrella name and fund names include the words ‘sustainable’ or ‘responsible’ [which] make a clearer connection to the funds’ investment philosophy.”

Full details of the investment objective and policy changes to the Global Care range can be found here.

A full list of name changes to all Janus Henderson funds can be found here.

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